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ECT Sensor Specs

Vince P

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I was getting random tempatures on my engine tempature readout.

I finally got to the ECT sensor (it is pain in the rear to get to) and the base, female part of the plug is hanging off the sensor. It looks like some mechanic tried to hold the connector together with Permatex. If I try to pull off the male connector, it will pull apart.

Kragen Auto Parts, had one at a good price.

I have been having some bad luck with a few different cars getting the wrong part.

I have a 1/8 inch slit that I can see the sensor through. I am not sure that I have the right part, the part on the car looks smaller.

Does anyone know the physical specs of the ECT sensor???????

The Kragen replacement sensor (made by Delphi):

Hex--------------19 mm or 3/4 inch

Thread----------Looks like a 3/8 inch PIPE THREAD

Diameter---43/64 inch or 0.675 inches

Threads per inch-----------18

In appreciateion

Vince P

P.S. Why was this sensor not put on the other head where access is much eaiser?

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Vince P,

Rockauto.com often lists OEM parts with pictures. You might want to compare the part you got with the picture of one made by ACDelco.

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