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Codes AC1319 / TC0073


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Hi Friends,

occasionally I'm getting two codes on my car:

AC 1319

Sunload sensor short circuit

This usually happens on very bright days, seems that the sensor is defective. Should I go ahead and replace it? I did not notice any problem with ac-system operation, I guess b/c it sets to a default value if the condition exists.

TC 0073

This seems to happen if my little son has played with the rear blower switch and has not put it back to off before I switch of the ignition. The FSM states that one should replace the EBTCM if that condition exists. Is that really necessary? I don't experience any functionality problems with the traction control system. I thought I read somewhere about GM replacing theses EBTCMs for free as this is a known problem, is that correct or am I messing this up with another issue?

Don't forget that over here spare parts are not readily available and have to be ordered. Also they are more expensive than in the US.

Thanks for any comments


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Theck the wiring to the sunload sensor to make sure it is not shorted - there should be a troubleshooting page in the shop manual. I would fix that since it does affect the A/C by compensating for direct sunlight.

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