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Hello, First time on the site.

I just purchased a 1997 Seville SLS w/ 46K miles. It has the OEM radio/ cass player but no

CD player or changer. I have done some research and found the posting and web site by jadcock

which covered very well, the instalation of the Delco p/n 16199553. My question is... is the Pioneer model

CD Changer #GM 12371528/ 25678544 usable as well? Both CD Changers are common in 1996 and newer GM products

and are the 12 Disc style trunk mounted version.

I would like it to hook directly to the pre-wired pigtail in the trunk. My understanding is that no further

modifications will be needed. I have seen both versions on ebay,but could use some positive input

or first hand experience dealing with these models before I buy.

Any comments would be helpful.




Our 1994 SDV's tranny just died @ 194K and the Seville is our 4th Caddy. Other toys include

my 74 Barracuda with 440-6 pack. ( the orginal matching numbers 360 with 274K is torn down)

Sold the 37 Ford cpe street rod and 1967 Sunbeam Tiger as the college bills

and weddings have rolled in. Of course, with 3 still in the house, my wife gets the lovable mini-van!


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Both of the CD changer part numbers that you listed are "good" GM service part numbers, but only the -8544 part was used for "factory-installed" changers. I am unable to determine what design is reflected by the -1528 part, but there were a few different "factory" part numbers used over the years, and, from my experience, a few more "service" or "dealer installed" part numbers. The differences between the units are minor, usually just cosmetic. All are wired identically and will be electrically compatible with the wiring harness in the trunk of your vehicle. All of the 12-disc CD changers used by GM (past and present) are made by Pioneer.

Technically, the correct "factory-installed" CD changer for a '97 model is the -9553 part used by Jason Adcock. It was the factory-installed unit for '96 and '97. The -8544 part was introduced in mid-'98, and it is backward compatible for earlier vehicles. The differences between the units are small. The earlier part has a small housing "extension" on the back side near the wiring connector that the later part lacks, and the earlier part is marked "Delco Electronics" whereas the later part has no such marking. Either changer will function identically in your vehicle. However, the earlier part is no longer sold by GM dealers, so any unit that you come across must have been removed from another vehicle (like the one Jason acquired) or is a "new old stock" part.

The same style CD changer was used on a number of different GM models, the -9553 and -8544 styles being the most common. The '97+ 'C5' Corvette also uses a nearly identical changer, but the hole pattern for the bracket mounting bosses on the sides of the 'C5' changer are different from the others. The 'C5' changer will function in your vehicle, but it will not mount directly to the appropriate mounting bracket that you must use (see below), unless you modify the bracket. Thus, I would recommend that you use the -8544 changer. The following GM models used that "factory-installed" changer at one time or another:

'98 - '02 Buick Park Avenue

'98 - '99 Oldsmobile Aurora

'98 - '02 Cadillac Eldorado,

'98 - '99 Cadillac Deville

'98 - '99 Pontiac Grand Prix

'98 - '00 Oldsmobile Intrigue

'99 - '02 Chevrolet Camaro & Pontiac Firebird

'96 - '99 Saturn SC/SL (only as a dealer-installed option)

Be sure not to purchase a 12-disc CD changer used in the following GM models:

'00+ Pontiac Bonneville, Buick LeSabre

'01+ Oldsmobile Aurora

This later changer is also made by Pioneer and uses a wiring harness identical to the "correct" changers described above. However, it communicates with the radio using a different serial data network than the ones described above, and it will not function in your vehicle.

When you obtain the appropriate CD changer, you will also need the following parts to properly mount it:

3545633 Mounting bracket

11516566 Bracket-to-trunk floor mounting bolt (qty. 2)

12337991 Bracket-to-changer screw (qty. 6, 3 per side)

This is the part number for the 12-disc cartridge: 25678545

The 12-disc cartridge used by the changer in the '00+ Bonneville/LeSabre (described above) is also unique, so be sure to get the proper cartridge style.

As I recall, Jason got his changer with the bracket attached, but the bracket is a separate part, and you must have the bracket to mount the changer in the manner that Jason shows on his website.

Good luck!

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Rdwrior, thanks for all that info! Bruce, can we copy that post and paste it with my tech writeup? That's great information.

Jason(2001 STS, White Diamond)

"When you turn your car on...does it return the favor?"

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Thanks for all the input. I got the # 16199553 Delco. I found the plug and hooked it up but....

The CD icon comes on and blinks as per Jason's input, but it then goes away and I am unable to

get it to function. Any other ways to get this going?



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Does anyone have a picture of the pigtail or a really good description and exact location? Do all these cars come equipped that way and are all the cars with cassette players cd ready? I installed an FM modulated 10 disc changer from my old Grand Cherokee now, it plays well but I would rather have a GM compatible unit that doesn't require a seperate controller. Thanks for any help!! ;)

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Craig, it sounds like something may be wrong with your CD changer unit. Check to be sure there are no discs stuck in the changer. I had a similar problem when I first installed mine, and there was a disc stuck in there. I had to take the changer apart and extract the disc and then it worked fine. If you're getting the CD blinking, it means it's connected up properly (and the changer is initializing). The fact that it goes out tells me that the changer thinks it can't play for some reason (like a stuck disc).

Randy W, check the tech section for some pictures of my installation. I think took a picture of the connection on the back of the changer. In 1996, some of the models were pre-wired for the changers (possibly, just the cars with the Bose radio). By 1997, all models are pre-wired.

Jason(2001 STS, White Diamond)

"When you turn your car on...does it return the favor?"

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