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2002 STS Tire Pressure Monitor


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Hi Team,

My friend has an 02 STS and he just upgraded to 20 inch rims and he can't get the pressure monitors to stop showing an error because of the PSI difference between the stock and the new rims.

The dealer has tried and they were unable to do anything for him except scold him for making an upgrade from a non-stock size.

There must be some way to fool the system.


Alfred Gee

1996 ETC

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Did the dealer do an air pressure monitor recalibration?

Check this article: http://www.cadillacfaq.com/faq/answers/tprepro.html


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What is the PSI difference you speak of?

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Sorry for the delay, I was finally able to ask him about the PSI. He is supposed to run 40 with the rims and I think the factory setting is 30-32. He will try the tips provided and I'll report back.

Thanks for all the help!



1996 ETC

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The factory warning setting is actually > than 38 PSI...and < 25 PSI

Anything over/under that and you will get error messages. I don't think there is any way to "increase" this threshold... I think we have talked about this in the past... Set in the PCM/BCM just like the old speed limiter...

But not to worry GM did give those who wish to run custom rims an option. Mind you its not a great option... With a Tech II, a dealer can deactivate this feature... No more warnings and errors.

As I said not the best option, but it does solve the problem.


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