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Hi, my '96 Deville is starting to give an egr history code, after an occasional stall. I cleaned it once, and it behaved for awhile, but is now starting to act up again.

I am thinking of replacing it, but after the ordeal I had the last time, getting it out, and back in. I am wondering, is there a special wrench or something that is used to get at the stud with the two nuts on it??

The one nut comes off fairly easy, it is the second one that has the bracket, that holds the steel line in place, that is the killer. Can't get at it with a socket, and cant get any leverage on it with an open end.

If anyone has done this, and has any tips, or found a simpler way, I would really appreciate the input, I would like to save the pint of blood, I lost the last time out.


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I just use an open-end wrench on it. You can disconnect the fuel lines for more clearance in that area. It just takes some time and patience. I don't know of an easier way. I've had mine off a few times now. <_>

Jason(2001 STS, White Diamond)

"When you turn your car on...does it return the favor?"

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open the throttle or have a friend step on the gas pedal. the quadrant will spin right out of the way. simple and easy solution.

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