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Center Cap Sqeeking!!


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Sup folks

Today i put all my windows down to enjoy this beautyfull wheather we are having here in cali, so i turn of my radio and heard a squeeking noise coming from my rims. so i stopped and looked didnt see anything so i got back on the road. got home (fullly annoyed by that DAMMED Sqeek) so i took my rim off, at first i thought it was my brakes but that was not it. so i took the center cap off and went on a drive squeeking gone!!! but then the rim looks dumb without the center cap.. what can i do about this?.. i tried tightening the wire that locks the cap on the rim but its not working.. could my rim be bent? i just replaced the rim because the one i had befor was bent and i lost the center cap for that one.. any help would be cool thanx..


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If the cap is squeeking because its loose, then I don't think that "tightening" the wire will make it any tighter. I think the wire spreads the plastic tabs out to grab the inside diameter of the wheel's center. However, it might be tough to spread the tabs out much without breaking them!

I bought some center caps that were almost 1/8" too small, so I had to fix 'em my self. I drilled a hold in the center of each of the five tabs, just outside of the wire. Then installed a small, stainless steel pan head screw (#10 or 12 I think) - in carefully to add "outside dimension". The head of the screw is what contacts the inside on the wheel center. If the pan head itself is too thick, it can be filed down a bit. Be carefull to have the head go inside any rim or lip on the wheel ID, so that it snaps in properly. Also, you have to do alll five tabs - evenly.

The screw can be adjusted for a tight fit and then dabbed with some locktight (let it dry before installing in the wheel).

Worked OK for me and they hung in there at triple digets.

Rough streets are aways a b***h on wheels and hubcaps.

Good luck ;)

Add power to leave problems behind. Most braking is just - poor planning.
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I have the '97 STS chrome wheels on my '94. The centers have "ticked" (like a pebble in a hub cap) ever since they were installed five years ago.

I've tried grease, oil, dry fit, nothing stops the ticking.

If anyone has a solution, it will help both of us.


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2016 Colorado Z71
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I slipped some O-Rings on the tangs, to get rid of the "pebble- rattle" on one set of caps. On a different set of caps, I used some silicone sealer, to "glue " them in place.


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