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Disable SSS indicator


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I have 1993 Deville. I do not want to invest in the outrageously expensive speed sensitive replacement struts.

After installing passive struts, there is a procedure on the net for disabling the SERVICE SSS indicator by cutting "dark green wire at c15 of the CCR module". This procedure will disable the indicator lamp

according to the bulletin on the web.

Can someone tell me how to clearly identify the CCR module and the appropriate wire.

I have the idea it is a module under the driver's seat and there are green wires on that module

but I want to be sure that I get the right one. SO I am looking for a voice of experience out there.


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I would guess the CCR module is on the front wall of the trunk, behind the trim panel.

Thanks for the suggestion Bruce. I checked on my 1993 and there is nothing on the trunk wall behind the seat. Any other suggestions would be welcome

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To remove the cover:

1. Open the trunk.

2. The back of the trunk is a large, full width cover; held in place with Velcro patches.

3. Grab at the top of the cover, pull down to release, and then pull back to remove.

4. The metal wall exposed will have most of the electronic modules attached to it.

To replace cover:

1. Set the bottom edge of the cover in the groove.

2. Rotate the cover back up, until it reattaches to the Velcro patches.


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