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alternator wiring


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I have a 1985 Cadillac Fleetwood FWD with a v8 4.1 liter engine. I got a 1986 alternator and the wire connector is different… the 1985 had 3 holes with 4 wires (a, b, c) that connects to the alternator. However in the 1986 alternator, the plug or adapter is different with 2 holes and only 2 wires (a big red one and a smaller black one). Is there a way to cut the wires and connect them to the adapter? On the adapter there are symbols that say “S” “F” “L” “P” but it only has 2 wires. How do I know which wires go to what? I can’t afford to buy a new alternator of 1985. I left those wires out and because I had to go somewhere, (not too far), I just drove my car… when coming back home, the service light came on and then the lights in the car started to go dim, example the clock. Then the speed limit gauge started acting funny like a screw was loose… going back and forth by itself. I was almost home so I forced it to the garage but just before parking it, smoke started to come out from below the car. I immediately turned the engine off and pushed the car into the garage but the next day when I tried to turn the car on (ignite) it, everything seemed dead! Did I end up making a more problem? Help me plzzzzzzz!!!!! :(

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I don't know how to retrofit that newer alternator on there.. I'd say maybe you can take the connector off of your old alt and put it on the new one...

The gages jumping around was because you made your battery dead.. not going to kill your car I don't think unless the computer becomes offended and I don't know why it would

As far as the smoke goes.. did you drive with the belt off? Maybe you overheated the motor and some old grease was burning off.

If you drove with the belt off I hope you didn't drive very far.

Good luck there


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I would advise against attempting to get the '86 alternator to work in the '85. Something will always get screwed up in the process of attempting to re-engineer the charging system.

Find a local alternator rebuilder - AC Delco has independent rebuilders near most cities and they will repair your existing alternator for much less money than a chain store rebuilt one. Having the existing alternator repaired will also be a more reliable alternator than the chain store "lifetime" model.

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