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I'm using Firefox but I also downloaded Avant Brower and it looks to be a pretty good browser. The Avant Web site also claims it has:

No security holes: Avant Browser doesn't contain any functions or codes to help other people or programs to access your computer.

I installed Avant and so far no problems. I also upgraded IE and it looks like Microsoft has made IE more user friendly and upgraded security features and you can now view multiple Web sites on the same page, which is a feature that is also included in Avant.

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The avant browser isn't really a browser, it's just a shell placed over IE. So it'll have the same vunerabilities as IE. That being said, it has a lot of features that IE dosen't have like a pop-up blocker, and tabbed browsing. I personally am impressed with Opera. 9 http://www.opera.com

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I'm using IE7 Beta 2 and really like the ClearType "technology". I think it's called ClearType. Webpages rendered on IE7B2 look like they're professionally printed using Adobe PDF! I turned ClearType on on my computer at home (WinXP Home) after downloading IE7 and text EVERYWHERE looks so much better, especially on an LCD screen. My computer at work still has Win2000, and ClearType isn't available for that OS...and I can readily tell the difference.

IE7 Beta 2 gets my thumbs up from the font technology alone. The improved browsing is also a big plus.

Here's a web site on Microsoft's page on the subject:


Just look at the difference:


Yes, it really is that dramatic on-screen.

Jason(2001 STS, White Diamond)

"When you turn your car on...does it return the favor?"

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