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Custom Display Info on intrument panel?

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I think that is the driver's name that can be customized. My understanding is that you need the dealer to change it, using the Tech II.


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Correct... You should also note this when you fire the car up

I should say something like "DRIVER NO. 1 SONJA"

Some dealer will charge upto $50 to change this... Many don't know how... If you ask nicely during an oil change or something like that, most will do it for free.

The procedure is as follows

To enter programming with the Tech 2 , perform the following actions:

Install the scan tool.

Turn ON the ignition with the engine OFF.

Select the correct vehicle and model year.

Select Body.

Select Personalization.

Driver ID:

Continue with the following steps in order to enter a new driver ID:

Select Driver Information Center.

Select Driver #1 or Driver #2.

Select Driver #1 Name or Driver #2 Name, depending on your previous choice.

The Tech 2 tool displays directions for entering the Driver's Name. Read and press Enter.

The Tech 2 tool now displays 17 symbol numbers, with each number (32 through 255) corresponding to a symbol on the ASCII Character Table. Use the Left or Right arrows to scroll to the desired placeholder.

Use the Clear Entry special function button on the Tech 2 tool to clear the current symbol number for that placeholder.

Use the numerical keypad to enter the new symbol number. Press Enter.

When all 17 symbol numbers are as customer desired, press the Save Name special function button on the Tech 2 tool to store the new Driver's Name in the Instrument Panel Cluster's memory

And that should do it

Print this off and take it and the new names you want for Driver 1 and Driver 2 to your dealer...


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