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I see the DIGG gadget; When Should I DIGG a Topic?

Bruce Nunnally


www.digg.com is a site that helps index the internet by allowing Readers to "DIGG" or submit for indexing, webpages that they find useful/interesting/remarkable.

First, register at http://www.digg.com so that you can play.

Next, if you enjoy CaddyInfo.com, Digg the homepage http://www.caddyinfo.com (there is a gadget there to the lower right).

Finally, when you see a nice, stand alone story / Review / Post / New item on CaddyInfo.com that you would like to bring to the attention of Cadillac Lovers who might not read Caddyinfo.com (poor chaps), then Digg the Topic.

Which Topics should you NOT Digg? Topics that would not make sense to someone that does not visit the site. Topics that are not relevant to what the site is about.

You can only Digg once for each topic or for this site.

If you have any questions pls post them in reply to this blog and I'll try to address.

Our next topic will be, How to StumbleUpon.com, and How to del.icio.us interesting articles.

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Nice quote on this topic:
Digg should only be used for the threads that have a universal appeal. Most forum posts or threads have a limited appeal outside their forums. Its the exceptional thread that deserves to be dugg.
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