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    • Check fuel pressure, change fuel filter. Report fuel pressure numbers here.

      Is the check engine light on? 

      Does the check engine light flash when this stuttering occurs?

      Have you checked codes?

    • The first thing I would do is run the OBD codes to see what the car's computers think.  See the link in my signature block for a Caddyinfo page on reading your OBD codes.

      If the car passes emissions testing, that means that it has no current emissions codes, not that there are no problems.  Nearly always, if the Check Engine light is off, the car will pass emissions testing as it is done lately.  There may be History codes or intermittent problems, or there may be something that is not detected by the car's OBD system.  But often a check of History OBD codes and codes other than emissions codes will tell you something important, occasionally about a problem that you weren't aware of.

      If there are not OBD codes that reflect on your problem, I would check the plug wires, the coils, the crank sensors, MAP sensor, and also for clogging in the catalytic converter.  If you are mechanically inclined, you might check the plugs for odd or non-uniform appearance, but be aware that anti-seize compound and silicone plug boot compound must be used when replacing the plugs, and proper torque must be used.

      A real code reader that provides misfire counts by cylinder can be helpful in identifying plug, ignition wire, or coil problems.  Each coil fires two cylinders, and problems on both for a particular coil point to the coil as opposed to the plugs or wires.  Moving wires from coil to coil can verify that a coil is bad - or good, but the wires or plugs are bad.

    • 1 hour ago, Travis Lewis said:

      HES ALIVE!

      Good for you!  Now don't do that again! Haha.  You never told me, what were you going to put in its place?

    •  I have a 1995 Cadillac Fleetwood 5.7 Liter LT1, the car runs beautifully at start-up, idle, normal acceleration and even cruising on the highway at 75 mph. However, will sputter & spit and fart when I mash on the gas at (WOT)... when the car is in Full Throttle Position “All He’ll Breaks Loose”. Happens when the car is cold or warm and I can’t seem to pinpoint the problem. Any thoughts or suggestions out there?...

       The car runs awesome any other time, even gets great gas mileage, also passes SMOG CHECK with flying colors.  

      Wide Open Throttle seems to be the the only issue... Any thoughts on what parts I need to look at first and to consider replacing or changing?

      Has anyone ever experienced the same problem I’m having?

      Please Help!!! 

      -C.T. Las Vegas, Nevada 

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    • HES ALIVE!

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