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What is suggested for a tune-up for my 98 sts?


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I have a 98 STS with 73k miles on it and I doubt it has had a tuneup yet. What parts do you suggest for doing this?

I'm going to attempt to do this myself

All I can do is change a tire, change the battery, and change the oil. Trying to be self reliant with my car now rather then taking it in to the shop.

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If it's running OK, leave it alone. Plugs are good to 100K as well as wires.

If you really want / need to change these, go with the platinum plugs. Some people swear they have beeter luck by certain brands. You should change plugs and wires at the same time.

Be advised that the wires are relatively expensive and you need to keep them away from the AC blower fan at the firewall when reinstalling (induced voltage from the wires can damage the blower fan controller).

Good luck!

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You REALLY need to spend about 15 hrs reading the archives here. And buy an owners manual. First tuneup is recommended at 100,000 miles. It involves changing the plugs and MAYBE the wires and that's about it. The ONLY plug you should use is the factory spec'd plug, forget about any BOSCH or any other crap out there. People tend to get most of the grief out of using non OEM wires though, stick with OEM on EVERYTHING. Also, be careful not to rip the threads out of the aluminum heads when removing the plugs, and NEVER lubricate the threads or use Neverseize on them....certain disaster!

There, I just saved you 3 hrs of web surfing.

Never underestimate the amount of a persons greed.

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