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stabalizer bar bushings


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Okay, I've decided to place the tie rod ends and strut mounts to the side and start with the small stuff first and then work up to the big stuff to try and get rid of that annoying knocking noise.

I picked up some bar bushings and I'm wondering how the heck you're gonna get the bar wedged into that slit. Mine new bushings are TIGHT! I can hardly pry them apart and I'm no slouch.

Any suggestions?

1994 STS Pearl White 260,000 KM (163,000 miles)

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I'm going to have to back track some , but the problems I encountered when replacing my bushings had to do with retightening the bushing holders evenly and making sure both sides were started before tightening.

I think I used anti-seize on the rubber and I remember it being tight but I don't remember a trick. It sure made a difference .


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