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AUTO-RX Oil Stop Leak


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I tried it to see if it would reduce oil usage on my Northstar. My engine is using 1qt./1000 miles. Auto-Rx didn't help at all. As I understand Auto-Rx, it will clean out sludge and soften the seals. If you have a hardened seal that is weeping, Auto-Rx may help. In my situation, I would say the oil is getting past the piston rings so the seals are not a factor.

Northstars have a reputation for carbon deposits on the rings if not driven hard, and Auto-Rx may help to remove the build up. But regular WOT is suggested as a way to prevent the build up, and is way more fun than Auto-Rx :)

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You can put SAE 90 in your engine and it will have NO effect on a seeping oil pan. How can you imagine that AutoRX, a thin "solvent" type additive of questionable value, would have any positive effect? I don't even think it CLAIMS to stop leaks on the label, unless, as posted, it might swell a seal once in a while. However, I cannot afford to spend $20.00 on a few ounces of additive, so I have not read the claims for the stuff other than here ( bobistheoilguy.com ). Save your money.

Never underestimate the amount of a persons greed.

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