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When I turn the heat up and put it on high, or any other setting, the air only comes from the vents in the front on top of the dashboard. How do I make the air come out of the vents facing toward me on the front of the dashboard? There was originally no air from the top vents but I fixed it by removing the leaves covering the holes on the outside of the car right where the windsheild and hood meet. I hope it will be a quick fix like that. Any suggesstions?


Aaron =)

18 Year Old Male

Black 1992 STS 4.9L

90,XXX Miles

Flowmaster 80 series muffler :D

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Sounds like you have the climate control set on defog. Switch to auto or econ and heat should come from the floor vents. I don't think you can switch to dash vents manually. It will switch as it goes into the cooling mode.

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