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2000 vs 1994


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OK, this is just for fun, but I still like watching Eldos that are for sale. (that's my ride) I know about the horsepower jump and the phenolic spacer change from 94 to 95, and I know that the instrumentation is different after 95. What I'm asking for without drawing this out is some opinions on the differences between the N* Eldos up thru 2000. (body and motor and interior)

By the way, I still love my 94 ride, and it seems that the motor gets stronger all the time. Almost ready to do the front brake job and I also have a set of new oem front struts on the shelf if needed. (compliments of ebay) I drive 140 miles round trip for my current job in Madison. I run 60 to 80mph most of the way and average22.3 to 23.1mpg. Two small towns on the route.

With the consistant high speed, I'm using about 1 quart of oil every 1800 miles. No biggie. I would have started with a 1996 if I knew what I know now. If you have a plus or minus(or can explain a change or difference) on an Eldo from 94 thru 2000, I'd like to hear(read) it. Thanks


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I have a question does anyone think the last year of the ETC will be collectable ? i have a chance to get ahhold of one in mint shape when my friend is ready to let go of it. and i am the one that details it so, i was wondering ?

michael ;)

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I have a question does anyone think the last year of the ETC will be collectable ?

As a number of us have witnessed... on Barrett Jackson (AKA BJ Auctions)... Just about anything is collectible... UNLESS of course you actually plan to drive it on a public road! :ph34r::ph34r::lol::lol:

If you want to make an '02 Eldo worth a mint.. find one that has less than 10,000 Miles on the clock and lock it away in your garage for 25 years... Make it a flashy color too.. bright red...

While they are really nice cars... I honestly don't think that an '02 Eldo will ever be as collectible as say a '67 Z28, a 68 Shelby, a '69 GTO Judge, a '70 SS Chevelle, a '71 W30 442, or a late 60's/early 70's Hemi anything. Of course I could be wrong... There are quite a few that would pay big coin for a '59 Eldo... a convertible one of those was sold by BJ in Jan of 2005 for $96,000... of course that was after the previous owner spent $100,000 restoring it... Hmmm....

Buy a car because you love driving it... and it fits your needs... If you looking for something to make you money... Try real-estate!


Easin' down the highway in a new Cadillac,

I had a fine fox in front, I had three more in the back

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