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95 Eldo Radiator Replacement

Capt'n Rob

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Technical Service Manual Directions

I'm dreading this radiator replacement, not even sure where to start.

I have a 98 Seville service manual for reference but not sure how accurate it will be. Does anyone have the 95 Eldo insturctions? Possibly post or email me?

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Do it the old fashion way--just take a look-see :unsure: then go for it. :ph34r: Oh, by the way, just make sure you don't disconnect the blue wire first. :o

Just kidding ;)

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I replaced my radiator about 6 months ago and found it wasn't difficult.

94 Eldorado Radiator Removal:

1. Drain cooling system.

2. Disable SIR (pull SIR fuse in engine compartment fuse block).

3. remove air cleaner box.

4. Remove radiator cooling fans which are connected with four screws (2 for each fan). I disconnected the fans and removed them; however, you may be able to simply move them aside depending on the setup in the 95 Eldorado.

5. Remove upper and lower radiator hoses.

6. Remove cooler lines from the radiator.

7. Remove radiator top support which is mounted over the top of the radiator with three 10mm hex screws.

8. Remove left and right engine support torque struts.

9. Lift radiator up and out; however be aware that depending on the setup you have the air conditioner condenser may be hooked to the radiator or vise versa.

10. Also, be aware the cooler line may be secured to the radiator with a small screw on the driver side. Remove the screw.

I hope this helps.

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