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1994 keyless entry


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Does anybody know the part # for the keyless entry remote? On the same note, how do you program the remote?

For programming see: http://myweb.accessus.net/~090/cad94rke.html

I bought a backup remote from http://www.keylessride.com . Programming instructions were included. I paid half of the dealer's price, and didn't have to pay a programming charge. I *think* you'll find the part number on their site.

NOTE: At least one member here spoke poorly of their service, remarking the remote shipped appeared used. Mine appeared brand new and factory packaged.



EDIT:The programming site contains the part number(s) you're looking for.

Remote #1: 10269729

Remote #2: 10178734

The remotes are identical except for being labeled as #1 and #2. The labels are simply for your convenience.

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