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Deactivate Airbag


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Hi, i´m Marco and new on the Board. Dose anybody know, how do deactivate the SIR Airbag on my Seville STS 1992?

Is it Possible to deactivate on PCM Module?

Because i have installed a new Steering Wheel without Airbag, an now i have a red lamp from the Airbag System?

Sorry for my bad English

Best Regards from Austria


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Pretty tough to deactivate the air bag system and not get any warnings in the instrument cluster. Air bags are required by federal law and the manufacturers have made it as hard as possible to deactivate the system without setting off warning lights.

If you've taken out the driver's side air bag, I'm surprized you aren't getting a "SERVICE AIR BAG SYSTEM" warning constantly flashing on the driver's information center. If any components of the system are missing or inoperative, you should get that warning (at least, that's the way it is with a '94).

The air bag light is integral to the instrument cluster. It can be disabled (I don't know how but it requires damaging the cluster). Doing so will set a trouble code and set off the air bag warning message. Replacing the cluster, if necessary, is about a $650 hit.

I believe the air bag module is separate from the PCM.

If you tamper with the air bag system, you run the risk of setting off the bag(s) and seriously injuring yourself (unless you really know what you are doing). Legitimate body shops will not do it for you because of the liability issues.

Something else to bear in mind if you ever sell the car: Knowingly selling a car with a deffective air bag system is a violation of federal law. If the buyer wrecks the car and gets killed or injured because of a deffective air bag system, you could be held responsible.

Believe me, I am not big air bag fan and I understand your desire to have a custom steering wheel. BUT

given the safety, legal, technical, and liability issues involved, I would suggest you spend your time, effort, and money tricking out your Caddy in some other way. ;)


Happiness is owning a Cadillac with no codes.

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I think he's saying he removed the original steering wheel and now has the airbag message/light.

The 1992 should have driver airbag only.

I've read somewhere that there are cheats to fool the airbag system, like installing resistors in place of the airbag module.

I personally avoid to mess with the whole airbag stuff, so no experience.

Marco, I'll sent you a private mail in german.


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