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I have compiled a maintenance/repair record of my 1997 Seville since 2000, when it came into the family (was purchased from a Cadillac employee). I've been doing this, and had it on my website, since I got the car, but I've made some interesting calculations just recently. You can see the page here:


In a nutshell, I've had to budget on average about $35 a month for "repairs" (things like water pumps, fuel pressure regulator seals, etc), $16 a month on "maintenance" (things like brakes and tires), and $10 a month on modifications (things I've done on my own, like add the CD changer, a Heritage of Ownership medallion, etc). There are a few items that you could argue are maintenance vs. a repair, or vice versa, but I had to make that call. In addition, many of the repairs made in the earlier years were done when my mother owned the car, and done at Cadillac dealers. The prices there throw off the "curve" so to speak, as I'd have done that work myself and saved the labor.

Overall, this has been a very economical vehicle to own, drive, and enjoy.

Jason(2001 STS, White Diamond)

"When you turn your car on...does it return the favor?"

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