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Just changed fuel injectors


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Well, I just changed all 8 fuel injectors on my 94 Seville SLS w/ 4.6 and it was all going soo well. After taking the car around, it started running rough and had a real noticeable rotten egg smell. So I came back to my garage and took the beauty cover back off.

I noticed that there was very low fuel pressure. It turned out that the O ring at the fuel return line was brittle, and could no longer maintain pressure at fuel rail. The really messed up part was that there was like a gallon of fuel sitting in the intake manifold! I went to my local parts store and found a hose that had a pump on one end and was able to pump out the gasoline. After carefully checking all O-rings this time, I proceeded to close the cover. After a few minutes of black smoke, she is now running very smoothly.

I ordered the injectors from a company called LINDER TECHNICAL SERVICES, who basically clean injectors and then send them out to you, after which you can send yours in for a core credit.They are rochester injectors, same as originals. They charged me about 230.00. \

I will see how it affects my mileage,accelaration,and idle quality with more time.Right now I already noticed a very improved idle. My car has 120,000 miles, and still feels strong. :D

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Idle is definitely better,as is gas mileage and acceleration is smoother. Will still have to verify pressures as soon is I get my fuel pressure gauge back.

The car is 10 years old and the fellows at work still compliment me on my car, so everything I do to my car is well worth it!

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