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Ya know, these Caddy's are one quite ridding car. The peace, the tranquallity, and the ride. (no disrespect to female owners. CYA.) Ya ever been driving down the highway enjoying the ride. Peacefull, quite and power to spare and then out of the blue the other half starts yaking about nothing to the space you are in?

The best "emission control" I have found is the infamous "WOT" Shuts em up better than a poke in the eye with a shark stick. Complete silence and total "zone" for the driver. When it's over, the conversation is completly different. More than likely something that you want to talk about. "The benifit of the WOT to the NS", "The clear road ahead" or "Im sorry, that guy I just passed on a double yellow had a gun pointed at us out the back".

What ever the conversion, it will change. Not happy with the new topic? Do an other "WOT" Kinda like roling dice. Different result ever time. But be carefull. Too many "will" lead to a conclusion that you may not like. "Speaking from experince" Kinda like the dice thing, ya might win, ya might lose.

Give it a try. But...... don't abuse it! LOL


2001 STS Mettalic Otter Grey, Black Leather, 213,000 kilometers - miles - ? Still running strong!

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Your'e right about that !

Try this one if she isn't too up on the controls...

Lead in with talk about a $500 power chip you just installed from a buddy. Hook it up real good and subtley switch the display to metric. Good chance she will notice the speedo numbers are about 10/6 higher than what it feels like, and really get yipping! Hepls if your eyes are kind of glazed in a power-mad trance.

It worked about 4-5 times until she wised up.

Now she only gets cranky when its doing 30-second miles on that nice, straight 8-mile stretch where the interstate is divided by about 1,000-feet (no surprises).

Add power to leave problems behind. Most braking is just - poor planning.
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