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Cracking blower cases

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These cars aren't a body on frame construction so I don't see how lifting the body clear of the powertrain would be much different than lowering the powertrain.

Have you read the R&R procedure for the A/C evaporator? :blink:

Maybe I wasnt clear, I meant support the carriage and lift the car and leave the carriage on the ground to me that sounds easier. I will look at the AC evaporator R&R, Mike

I don't know what you could lift the body with that wouldn't damage it.

On the evaporator, just hope you NEVER need to do that job...... :blink:

Funny you bring this up, one of the guys at my AC place was telling me that he has done about 10 NS evaporators and they get about $800 in labor and it takes about 8 hours. I said that he cuts the plastic housing. He also said to keep the cowl clean as the dirt filters down into the evaporator clogging it..

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