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'96 Deville Radio Removal


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Hello All,

I have been having a small problem with the stock Delco AM/FM Casette radio, in my '96 Deville. The right rear speaker plays intermittently, I have checked the connections on the speaker, and it seems to be ok.

I have seen these radios on different websites, going for about $125, refurbed, some sites will repair the defective unit for about the same price.

My problem is, I can't get the thing out. I found this website that shows you how to remove it, getting the bezel off, is no problem, now the second step, where you "simply push both tabs" and pull the unit out, doesn't work for me. I have permanent 1/2" indentations on my forefingers, from trying this method :( . I've tried gently prying those two tabs with a couple of screwdrivers, and this unit will not move.

Has anyone ever removed one of these units?? What am I missing??

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Walt

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That's precisely the site I would have suggested you visit.

They take questions by phone. Maybe you'd like to give them a call?



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I definately would go with what Warren said. I have removed several units, but I can't understand why your won't come out?

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Ok, I called carstereohelp.com, and spoke to a fellow who reviewed the webpage, and assured me there was no hidden screws, or anything else to hold the unit in the dash, "just squeeze and pull". Again, that thing feels like it is welded in, so I took the car to a stereo shop, to have them remove it for me.

The installer ran a couple of checks, and it turns out that the right rear speaker, had an intermittent shorted voice coil. I told him to replace both rear speakers, 6x9.

Now the speakers are clearly visible from the trunk, when the liner is removed, but do they come out that way? Of course not, this is a Caddy :o . The rear shelf has to be removed, but first the complete back seat has to be removed. I am glad they quoted me the labor price, before starting the job. :) .

When the back section of the rear seat was removed from the cabin, my hair stood up, I never seen so many different types of modules mounted, and wired together in my life. Pretty scary stuff.

Well anyway, the radio never did come out, but it is sounding pretty good now, thanks for the input and suggestions.


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