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Rear Height Level


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Hey folks, hope someone has seen this before. The rear end of my 93 Eldo is riding all the way up. I had found an airline disconnected a few weeks back and reconnected it. I suspect that it might be the level control switch on it but need to know if these can be adjusted and where I might find them as well is there a test procedure. darn thing rides like a truck now.

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OK, does anyone know where I might find the procedur for adjusting the level control sensor, or if I should just replace the unit and it holds this height regardless running or not. After some research I have found that unit should release air once key is turned off. Any help at all would be appreciated.

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I checked the troubleshooting info in my 1995 factory service manual (FSM). At 12 pages in length it's far too much to upload to this site.

Perhaps you could find a reasonably priced FSM on eBay?

Absent that, a good library will have service manuals that might help you.



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