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How to remove this trim?


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Hey, I'm trying to replace my CD Changer (no longer works) with a 20gig hard drive based player. I had the changer installed, and am trying to remove it while installing the HDD unit.

Right now, a cable runs from the trunk to the controller mounted on the dash. It runs along the passenger side behind the piece of plastic below the doors. The plastic piece seems to be a single unit running the length of the car. How can I get it off to replace the cables?




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I cant rmemeber too well, I do know that the pillar between the doors has 2 screws on it behind the trim piece for the pillar. the front I thought pop's up if you pull hard enough just start under the dash first. the rear might have another screw behind the "side" of the seat not sure. Just look for the two clips on each door sill after it comes off...

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