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Please help! 95 SLS w/poor idle & mileage

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Hello all, new user, new Caddy owner. Been surfing the site recently and have found alot of useful info, thanks.

My 95 SLS has been driving me crazy. At idle, usually ~600, it will stumble to ~500 then surge to ~800, then settle back down. Getting crappy mileage too, even with 93 octane (13.5 per computer). I've checked codes and got the following:

P036 History (cleaned EGR yesterday)

P039 History (ordered new PROM chip)

P056 History (Input Speed Sensor, oh well)

No other codes. The SES light comes on after about 5 minutes of driving. I have cleaned the throttle body. I hooked up a timing light and all 8 wires lit it up. Pulled the front 4 plugs and they look normal.

What else can I check?

I going to do a tune up as soon as I get the parts from gmpartsdirect (the existing wires are not GM). Oh yeah, had the fuel rail recall done today.

I finally found the part numbers, for those interested they are:

Wires - 12192049 (118.79 @ rockauto, 96.55 @ gmpartsdirect)

Plugs - 88892834 (5.66 @ rockauto, 4.44 @ gmparts direct)

Fuel filter - 25121468 (12.67 @ rockauto, 11.26 @ gmpartsdirect)

If anyone knows of another potential problem, PLEEZE HELP!!!

Thanks in advance.

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