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hey scotty

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hey mike you have helped a lot of people on this sight for a long time and everyone im sure thanks you

i have been following your posts about ac problems and struts i have come to the conclusion that u need a friend to help u get it done i live too far away and im older 61 but i would suggest to call radiator shops in your area and get some advice from people who do this for a living tell them what u have found in your air and where u are at as for as installing the compressor and see what they will charge u for flushing evacuation and charging the unit also le3t them tell u how for to go before bringing it in so they dont do double work i know u want to do your own work but what u are trying to accomplish seems to be very expensive

looking at the pictures of the front shocks from boston suspension tells me that arnott is the way to go on the front remember i did my shocks last sept

i still think boston is the way to go on the rear because they supposedly give u new mounting hardware (i would like to see pics of their new mounting hardware on the rear to verify my assumption) the reasong being is that on these older cars u may have to use heat to break the rears loose and will probably ruin the existing rubber mounts

enough said i wish u a lot of luck on finding a doable cost effective solution to the repairs that u are about to do ihope i havent offended u in any way just some advice from an old gm parts guy circa 1970 who still knows some people in thebusiness

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Hey thanks, I don't necessarily need help, I need time, time is my problem. Over the last few months family obligations (communions, picking up son at college, parties, easter, mothers day, etc) and home ownership obligations have shelved my car repairs. In the meantime I have been buying all my parts and tools (makes the big jobs more affordable to buy all the parts and tools over a long period of time) and doing the research.

I am doing the AC compressor/accumultor and condenser this weekend, and thanks to Kevin I am well on my way. After flushing and installing all of the components, Ill take it next week to my local radiator shop and they will evacuate it and charge it...

As far as my suspension goes, I have the front and rear Boston Suspension struts, strut mounts and new springs sitting in my garage along with all the bushings and a right front ball joint that I picked up yesterday.. I already did the left front.

I am big on planning a job before I jump into it, the suspension will be a cake walk. Thanks for keeping an eye on me, I can't wait to dive in!

I would never have anyone work on my car, I don't trust anyone as much as I trust myself, nor could I afford to pay anyone to do what I am about to do...

I am taking a trip by myself at the end of the summer from NY to Virginia Beach, to Charlottesville, VA to Charleston, SC and home so I am focused on finishing all my projects before then, I have done quite a bit of work on it already for instance today I dropped it off to my local auto detail shop and they are rebuilding the driver seat (springs padding, etc) as I was sitting in a hole. She is running incredible, and continues to get better with each thing that I do.....

I will post an extensive list of my work when I am done, once I dive in it goes fast.


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