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My '02 Seville SLS has the "Non-Bose" set-up in it. I am going to be installing a new Alpine head unit. I have a few questions, after doing a little research. If I remove the stock head unit, and splice into the factory wiring, will this be okay? Do I need to run seperate wires throughout the entire install (power, speaker, etc)? Does any other function of the '02 Seville, run off of, or through, the factory sound system,(with the exception of OnStar, which I do not use anyway)? I have read somewhere that the factory amp is not in the head unit, rather behind the rear seat. If I install the new head unit at the factory plug, will running through the factory amp cause me any trouble?

I am not too knowledgeable when it comes to car audio, which should be evident, with the above questions. I have installed aftermarket units in the past, but have never done one, on a Cadillac. All of the previous installs, have been cut and dry. Remove, splice, install, enjoy. I get the feeling that I have much more work ahead of me here, and can really use the input. Thanks in advance.


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Hey Don: I replaced my BOSE Gold system in my 1995 SLS. It was a B@!$*!

I fabricated an entirely new wiring harness. You have to bypass the Bose system because each speaker has its own amp. The speakers run on a different ohm than aftermarket speakers so they can't just plug and play. I installed a Blaupunkt head unit and Pioneer speakers. It took me at least 20 hours of labor to install. You have to remove the entire back seat, side moldings on the passenger side and console to rewire. Runnig the harness under the carpet from the passenger side to the center console was great fun :angry:

There was a lot of frustration, but when I finally was able to obtain a bypass plug in for the new wire harness it was just logistics to install the harness, head unit, and speakers. I have to say I am very proud of myself because after 6 months I'm still rocking out! LOL :P Feel free to drop me an email of you have a question. The best piece of advice I can give you is do your home work. Your 2002 system might be light years ahead of the one in my 1995!


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If it is a non Bose system you should be able to plug and play. The Bose systems have to be completely bypassed. The only thing to check out is the ohm impedecnce on the factory speakers. Some speaker in CAdillacs are not standard ohm from an aftermarket head unit.

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