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  1. I will and you are. Care to be a little more elaborate? Don
  2. Most auto companies through the years have adapted "street car" engines already in production for racing. It is my understanding that the Northstar was reverse engineered. As in it was initially built as a race engine and adapted to be a street car engine. So the larger oil capacity is one of the racing specific applications that stayed with the engine. Somebody can correct me if I am wrong Don
  3. Once you lift the panel off you will have to disconnect the cable for the handle and the wiring. For the cable there is a yellow clasp that needs to be swung out. Then you negotiate the pin out of its hole. Not too difficult. If you need to get to the regulator there is an interior panel that needs to be removed. There are a ton of white clips. You take a small screwdriver or punch and press the center of the clips. There is a pin there that needs to be pushed inward. Don't push too hard or you will push the pin all the way through the clip and into the door. You will then have to fish the pins out. Don
  4. My oil pan leaks also. Has for a while. On my last oil change I used Valvoline Max Life oil. Hoping it will halp the leak. I cleaned the pan off pretty good and will recheck the pan after driving a thousand miles. If the Max Life doesn't help there is a product out that gets amazing reviews. It is called White Shepherd. I cannot find it local to me or else I would have bought it already. I hate buying things like that online Don
  5. Best thing to do is get under the car and try to put a socket on each bolt head for the oil pan. It can't be done. The trans actually has to separated from the engine as there are two or three bolts that cannot be reached with the trans in place. I think there are a few up front that need other parts removed to get to them also. Don
  6. The Service Stability System is coming from the C1288. Your steering wheel position sensor is bad. Replace it and the message will go away. Don
  7. Same happened to my '02. Greasing did nothing. Had to replace the door checks. Get them from www.gmpartsdirect.com. Not very expensive and not very hard to install. You will have to remove the door panels and the inner panels. Don
  8. Look into those two holes. There is a screw in each of them. Remove the screws, and pry out the bottom of the cover. Don
  9. I do not hold loyalty to any make whatsoever. Whoever makes what I like (interior design is number one on my list) is what kind of car I buy. When ir comes time to buy another car, I will look at DTS's, but will not say for certain that I will stay Cadillac or not. There are just too many nice cars on the road to stay loyal to one brand. Don
  10. You must be a large individual. I know that the wheel doesn't have a death grip on the shaft, but it is quite tight. But I can say that I didn't even try to do it that way. I only remember how much force there was to turn the puller during removal. Don
  11. Yes there are special attatchments that need to be used. You will only understand once the air bag is off. I used a standard steering wheel puller, and I mocked up the hooks needed. I bought a replacement battery hold down, and cut and bent the bolts, to make hooks. It wasn't the easiest tool to use, but it did the trick. Don
  12. Ok the easy part first. The shifter handke just pulls straight upward. It takes alot of force, but that is how it comes off. Now the steering wheel. First, pull the SRS fuse. Then remove the lower insulator from below the column. You will find a yellow colored connector, disconnect that. Remove the upper and lower steering column surround. Using two flat blade screwdrivers, put them into the holes behind thw steering wheel, turn them 1/4 turn, and pull out on the airbag. Do this for both sides. Remove airbag. Remove the steering wheel lock nut. Using a steering wheel puller with thin hooks, pull the steering wheel off. It is a *smurf* to do, but worth the effort. Don
  13. I used to have the same problem with my '02. Not sure if your engine is equiped with one, but my issue was the MAP sensor. It was cheap and easy to replace. I also had a code (most of the time) when the issue would occur. Don
  14. Highly unlikely. The steering wheel shaft is splined and keywayed for the steering wheel. Plus it is press fitted on the shaft. Even if you removed the lock nut, I would bet a months wages, that the wheel would never become loose. If jus the steering wheel that is moving (not the entire column), I would say that it has to be a bearing. Don
  15. The steering sensor is used for the StabiliTrak. I am almost positive that if it isn't working right, your stability system isn't working either. Not that big of a deal if you know how to straighten a crooked car when it is slippery out. But darn the StabiliTrak works so nice, I make sure mine is working all the time. You may want to throw this one up on your "must do now" list, just for that reason. Even though it is quite frigid in your part of the country right now, you can have the car running whie you do the repair. The only thing that I would do is disconnect the sensor before starting the engine, and reconnect it after shutting the engine off. I always get nervous when hooking up elecrics when there is power to the connector. Just afraid of frying the part. Don
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