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I'm thinking I should get an extended warranty on my car since i'm gonna keep it for awhile longer I think - and its been a troublesome car up 'til now.

It's a 98 ETC, it has 72k miles, and the certified new car warranty expired a year ago.

Any suggestions?

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How much is the warranty. The way I look at it, is with an extended warranty you are paying for the repair upfront....a repair that may never come. Those warranties can be mucho dinero, say $2000, what repair besides a major repair would be that high (time-cert, tranny, etc...) Why not put the money in the bank, collect some interest, and if you ended up with a major repair you just pay for it then OR you might want to just buy another car who knows...

I believe when push comes to shove the warranty company will bust your shoes to have a major repair anyway, and who knows if you needed a head gasket whether or not they would pay for time-certing anyway, they may refuse..and you will end up paying the difference to time-sert the engine.. I would just maintain the car the best you can, hope for the best.

Are you paying payments at this point?

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