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Well what started to be a straight forward project has turned into a nightmare. The guy that was doing the work(take motor and tranny out and reinstall) has bailed on me in the middle of the job as of last Thursday. The guy came recommended from a friend who manages a reputable shop, the guy is one of his mechanics but this is a side job. He will probably fire him for this but that dosen't help me.

The project was to be the following things: ported exhaust on the heads, LSD for the tranny and SS3600 stall converter from Yank converters, improved down/crossover pipe.

I had the exhaust ports on the heads ported and polished which picked up an additional 24cfm on the flow test, sent the diff out to have a limited slip made for it. That part of the project cost me 2 1/2 months for him to do the LSD. I finnaly got the LSD back and the tranny is back together but now the guy won't put everything back in. The motor is being built as we speak by the performance shop who did the heads, but they wont install the motor and tranny and nor will the guy who put the tranny back together. Now I have the car , motor, and tranny but know one to put it back together. Everything was taken out from the top as he did not have a lift so everyone I have talked to won't touch it as they say it is screwed up from not being done the right way from the bottom and they don't want to inherit someone elses mess.

I would tackle this myself but do not have a lift and equipment to do it.

I am somewhat desperate at this point.

I live in Dayton, Ohio. My email is: mark @markonemtg.com

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated and I would be willing to take everything to someone I can trust that knows what they are doing if it wasn't to far away.

Thanks guys.



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