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I have been driving the 01 deville dts lately and it's a fun car to drive very comfortable handles well for a big car stops very good and has plenty of power to boot. The stereo bose system is near perfect when you get it adjusted to your liking.Lately I have been driving the car hard with plenty of wot's.Before it was driven like an old farts car I like the car so far during the last 10 months since I owned it. Everything has worked as advertized. So far no complaints.I did have a check oil light come on which put me on the oil consumtion program just to cover my A-- in case it turns out to be something.But I did not check the oil fill level after the last oil change so this may just be nothing. Getting back to cadillacs I enjoy driving this car.Well if I get out of an xlr then I think what am I doing drivng this piece of cr--.That will be my next purchase the xlr in a year or so I'll try to find one at a good price with low mlies on the clock.I had the opportunity to drive an xlr for a couple days and that it a real nice car.All in all I have been happy with all the cadillacs I have owned.Only complaint on this one is my dumb a-- purchased another black car I like black due to it's not metallic and it makes for a very easy touch up or spot paint etc.If I get a small nick just a little touch up and you will never see it.But it sure is a hard color to keep looking good. In the 10 months I had this deville I wheeled it out 3 times waxed it 4 times now the paint is near perfect so I will only have to keep it waxed and I'm home free..I will go for a long drive tomorrow with some favorite cd's and enjoy the car..Just thought I'd post something positive afer reading all the this is broke that is broke etc. Any car I have ever owned and I have owned many brands and imports along the way too they all have some minor issues Hey it a machine you never know what will go wrong..All in all I will always buy an american built car while I'm in the US .Only reason I owned imports was due to living abroad I would drive what was ever the car to have IE in Italy it was an Alpha or ferrai's and even a couple fiats. In japan or asia it was hondas ,datsun, toyota etc Oh by the way I ruined an mercedes sl500 owners day today then were going on an on ramp on the freeway I was on his butt he was trying to accelerate to get way from me I had the deville in second gear rite on him when we actually did get on the exoressway he nailed his and I nailed mine at about 55 I was still in second and just walked away from him you should have seen the dumb founded look on his face I almost wanted to laugh. I ran it up to 80mph and just backed off and he just kept on going..



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I feel the same way about mine. The only complaint I have at night is aparently to some folks my headlights are awfully bright. They have HIDS (factory). And occasionally some will feel the need to fall in behind me and put the high beams on. Usually its just a flash but there have been a couple of instances where the offending partry elects to keep them on and then tail gate me to boot. In those instances when the traffic allows I'll return the favor but instead of a continious hi-beam shot I'll just give em' a 3-5 second shot. So far this has ended it. If changing the HIDS were a feasible option In would consider it.

Jim White

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