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N* Head pics


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Here's some pics of a N* head reassembly.

Hope they make it. Real problems with the web tonight!

Pic 1 - Newly resurfaced valve

Pic 2 - Lightly lapped seat

Pic 3 - Inserting the valve (exhaust)

Pic 4 - N* Lifter

Pic 5 - Inserting the valve springs

Pic 6 - Torquing the cam cap bolts (106 in lbs)

Pic 7 - Finished rear head


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Yeah, I think I see what you are talking about but now I am more confused. I thought the "squish" are was on one side and that is what caused the piston to rock on the wrist pin when contact was made. These pics look like there are 4 equally spaced. Wouldn't the piston then hit them dead on (all 4 at once), not causing any rocking?

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bbobynski, Besides WOT's which clears out the carbon built up, has any other method ever been considered? Is there a substance that when squirted into the cylinder and left to sit would dissolve carbon buildup? I can envision a spray head that you would stick into the spark plug hole that would have the ability to spray upward toward the valve and squish area, and of course the top of the piston also.

Let it sit, start the engine and change the oil. Could anything like this ever developed or wouldn't this work? Thanks, Mike

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