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I need a center cap Cardio-Doc


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BTW....I have a chrome 94 STS wheel center cap hanging on the wall beside my desk here.....but it has clock hands sprouting from the center of it.....LOL

What did you do to earn that? :P

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Sorry I don't have an STS cap for you. I recently released alot of center caps including that one to my buddy "Bob" at hubcapking@hubcapkingdom.com

He runs a huge operation and is a great guy. Drop him an e-mail and tell him specifically:

- Center cap for Cadillac

- STS logo

- Diameter of center cap (6 5/8" or 7")

- Finish (aluminum, sparkle-silver paint, chrome)

and finally tell him cardio-doc sent you.

Good luck.


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About center caps... almost fitting.

I got some center caps for my '94 DCS and the 14 spoke OEM chrome wheel's center was a bit too large. Used some #10 (I think) pan-head screws into the outside of the center's (5) plastic tabs to effect a tight grip.

Might be cheating, but works and looks great!

Heard a lot of good things about Cardio-doc's stuff and his EBay enterprise.

God Bless America !

Only here would we have these forums, and oppertunities...

Add power to leave problems behind. Most braking is just - poor planning.
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Thanks for everyones help. Yes Bob, it is the same car and motor. I am a firm believer in Bars Leak powder. One day about 4 months ago I added 4 tubes of the stuff. Has not overheated since. Remeber that my problem was a d daily occurence.

Thanks Cardio-Doc. I think that I bought my last one from him last year.

Eric, Do your center caps match Cardi-Docs specs?

If so, how much do you want for one of them?

Thanks again everyone.


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I think I have an extra. I sold it one to someone last year on this website. I will check. If I have five of them I will sell you one. If I only have 4 I will need them all if I sell the rims. I bough new rims because the originals were corriding so badly on the inside that they weren't holding air. I have a 93 and the caps are the chorme with the STS. I will keep you posted.

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