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erase codes

99 eldo

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hi caddy lovers i pulled up these codes that i cant erase. codes tcsc1225 and ircu1255. other than these i can erase every thing that comes up. but these codes i cant erase is there a certain trick to these codes .these have always been there thanks guys. by the way ,took out my 99 eldo last weekend out of storage, and it was so fun to drive after long winter in mass. you really appreciate these cars when you drive them. changed the oil 2 weeks ago and it was ready to be driven hard. you realize how fast these cars are when you have not driven them. thanks again

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C1225 - Left Front Excessive Wheel Speed Variation

C1255 - EBCM Internal Malfunction

The codes are probably current and keep returning. The only way you'll clear them is to find and fix the problem. kinda looks like a bad EBCM and/or LF wheel speed sensor.

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