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Intermittent Problems


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I have a 94 El Dorado Touring Coupe with 94,000 miles. It started with some displays going to dashes, the A/C quits and the Cruise won't work. Then the traction disabled started to display and it will only run in first gear. It evolved into starting to die and then would not start at all. About a month passed for all this.

The dealer put a "shift solenoid kit" in for the tune of $733.00 and of course nothing has changed except now it says "Change Trans Fluid" as well and I was charged for five quarts.

As far as the other problems they said they would have to send it out for diagnostics. The paper work also said "change the battery cables and the ignition switch" to try to elimnate the changing error codes.

I cleaned both ends of the negative cable connections but could only get to the + battery ends and the one on the fuse blocks by the drivers side fender (under the hood).

After this it would at least start but all the other symptoms stayed.

Any help out there???

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Sounds like a ground problem. Check the archives, I know Scotty has posted the locations on the new board.

To get the "change transmission fluid" message off, turn key "on" engine off, press and hold the "OFF" and "REAR DEFOG" buttons on the climate control until the "TRANS FLUID RESET" message appears in the info center (5 to 20 seconds).

Then turn key off.

Good Luck.

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