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Can Bose be installed in non Bose Car?


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Hi.. I have a 1998 SLS that I just totaled on Saturday night (deer accident). I am looking for a replacement Cadi. I have found one that I like.. only problem is it does not have the Bose system. Is it possible for me to move my Bose system from my old car to the new car without it? Again, my old car is a 1998 SLS, and the one I am considering is a 2002 SLS. Thanks.

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The radio from your '98 SLS should function in place of the radio from the '02 SLS (although you will need someone with a GM Tech 2 scanner tool to make the old radio "learn" the new VIN). You will also need to swap out the audio amplifier and ALL of the speakers. Not all of the wiring connections between the Bose and non-Bose amplifiers and speakers are identical, so some wiring rework at various connector ends will be required. Transferring the Bose system's noise compensation microphone will be especially difficult, since it is mounted in the overhead console, and the wiring for it (above the headliner) will have to be added to the non-Bose vehicle. (The Bose system will probably function well without the microphone installed.) All of this work is feasible, but it will require major disassembly of the new vehicle's interior (complete removal of rear seat, etc.), i.e., there will be risks of trim parts damage, creating squeak and rattle problems, etc. If you have the proper skills and tools for this type of job, and are eager for this type of work, then I suppose it is worth pursuing. Otherwise, I would suggest trying to find another vehicle with the Bose system already installed, or to just accept the '02 SLS as-is, without the Bose system. (I am certainly capable of this type of conversion job, but I personally wouldn't bother with the trouble -- I don't believe that the "reward" is worth the effort. I would salvage the working Bose components from the ruined vehicle and auction them on eBay instead of trying to use them in another vehicle.)

If you do try to perform this conversion, make sure that you have access to GM service manuals for both model years, so that you are aware of the wiring differences between the audio systems.

If the '02 SLS has factory-installed XM Radio, the the "old" radio will not function with it.

There is some possibility that the '98 radio will not function with the OnStar system in the '02 vehicle. (I do not know with certainty.)

Good luck!

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