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Spring Pressure Wash

ted tcb

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:huh: It's 40f up north, so time to pressure wash away the grime of this past winter.

For years, I've disregarded the sage advice to not spray your engine, just a light rinse with Simple Green.

So, I foamed up the engine bay and went to town, just like in the past.

As luck would have it, I must have hit a sensitive area around the plugs ... when the car started up from dead cold that night, she burped and farted like a Lexus ( couldn't resist ).

I ran some 93 octane gas with gas line antifreeze for 30 minutes, did some 2nd gear acceleration and engine breaking, and all is well 2 days later .... purrs like an STS should.

Just a warning to cover up the plugs and wires when pressure washing .... it felt like the car was firing on only 7 cylinders.


1989 FWD Fleetwood, Silver

1995 STS Crimson Pearl on Black leather

1997 STS Diamond White

1999 STS Crimson Pearl

2001 STS Silver

2003 STS, Crimson Pearl

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