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I got a couple of questions.

I'm changing the brake pads on my seville.

The front pads came with pad clips and a wear sensor on the outer pad which is the norm.

The rear pads came without pad clips and both the inner and outer pads had wear sensors.

So my questions are should pad clips been included with the rear pads and I was going to ask if I was given four outer pads instead of 2 and 2 when I noticed the four rear pads on the car all has sensors. I've never seen both the inner and outer pads with sensors. Is that just a caddy thing?



P.S. I got the pads off the internet. Is it possible to purchase just the pad clips at the dealer or parts store?

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Well, I don't know for sure on the cadillac, but I don't recall ever seeing a set of pads that had two wear indicators per braking wheel. Typically, parts are designed for vehicles with the assumption that everything else is functional...as in if the slides and pins are not sticking, both inner nad outter pads will wear down at the same rate and indicators are only needed on the outside.

Sounds like you have a set of four outer pads.

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I just replaced the rear pads and rotors on my '99 STS. The pads were Raybestos Quiet Stop and didn't have any wear sensors or retainer clips with them. The wear sensor is electrical and clips onto the inside pad. The pad retainer clips can be purchased with a disc brake kit (includes rubber boots etc.) for about $13 at AutoZone. Overall, a pretty simple job. Took me 2-3 hrs, also being the 1st time myself.


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