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N star removal out the top

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Looking for procedure to remove the engine in my 99 eldorado out the top-I see in the service manual where it states that if the necessary equipment is not available for taking out the bottom then use the alternate removal procedure but I don’t see it in the book-I only have volume one of the two so maybe it is in the second volume?anyone know where it is?   Thanks

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I've always taken them out the top. Mainly because I never liked pulling transmissions. And it seemed to me like waayyy to much work to drop em out the bottom.

I don't remember seeing the procedure in the 98 FSM (that I gave away) either, but I had been taking the engines out since '85, so I never really looked either.

I guess the question is ... do you have access to a lift? - twin post works the best IMO but center lifts can be used... Do you have access to a "cherry picker"? The engine comes out over the rt fender.

It is going to take some sepecial extensions and swivel sockets and it requires lifting and lowering the vehicle several times.


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Don’t have a lift but more than one floor jack-have a good assortment of tools and quite a bit of experience with working on cars and equipment. I am pretty much aware of what has to be done but I was just looking for a good step by step directional. I did my last n star head gasket job with the engine in the car(99 deville) and it came out good but a real pain in the you know what.timeserts worked well. I am sure that I will fumble through the job ok but doing it a little at time you forget what to install back in the correct order which many times leads to doing things twice.thanks for the reply.good to know someone is listening out there-papalac 

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