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  1. Went to look at a 2004 dhs for sale for my boy who is looking for a work car.Now we have had a few northstars in the past and I have timeserted a 99 deville and am working on repairing a 99 Eldorado with timeserts now.We also had a 2002 Eldorado that he had driven for a work car .He has a bad hip and he loves the heated seats and also the fuel economy.Unfortunatly when we started the car it was running very rough and check engine light was on. We retrieved the current codes which are p0135-p0141-p0150-p0155-p0300. Almost all have to do with o2 sensor. My question is dose anyone have a good guess as to what is causing the problem? My guess is a ground wire was left off when they recently changed the starter,what do you think?-Papalac
  2. Don’t have a lift but more than one floor jack-have a good assortment of tools and quite a bit of experience with working on cars and equipment. I am pretty much aware of what has to be done but I was just looking for a good step by step directional. I did my last n star head gasket job with the engine in the car(99 deville) and it came out good but a real pain in the you know what.timeserts worked well. I am sure that I will fumble through the job ok but doing it a little at time you forget what to install back in the correct order which many times leads to doing things twice.thanks for the reply.good to know someone is listening out there-papalac
  3. Looking for procedure to remove the engine in my 99 eldorado out the top-I see in the service manual where it states that if the necessary equipment is not available for taking out the bottom then use the alternate removal procedure but I don’t see it in the book-I only have volume one of the two so maybe it is in the second volume?anyone know where it is? Thanks
  4. Trying to locate where I am loosing power to my windows-if I put power to pink wire on switch they all work-breaker under hood seems ok-I switched it with seat breaker and seats still work- just ordered a repair manual to get the schematics but any help would be appreciated-papalac
  5. Any ideas on dealing with the infamous warped dash issue on my 99 deville and 99 eldo-short of replacing pad is there any way to smooth it down around the speaker and defrost outlets
  6. Thanks for the info-I am sure that it won’t be easy but as long as I can get rid of the majority of it I will be ok-I can live with a little bit of smoke-but I hope I can get rid of most of it
  7. Thanks for the great comeback-I have a steam carpet cleaner that just might be ticket for this job and the Lysol idea is good to-after posting on this forum I went online and found out that there are a few products out there designed for getting rid of the odors- not sure what I will try yet but I will surely use the steam cleaner fist-thanks again
  8. Bought an eldorado from a heavy smoker and needless to say it stinks-are there any good tips out there for removing that odor-am an ex smoker myself and if I had known how bad that it smells I would have quit long before I did-maybe lol
  9. When I bought the deville it was partly torn down and then they decided it was beyond their skill level-so when I started to put it back together I found out they had misplaced the hollow bolt-after pricing one at the local caddy dealer (and finding out they are totally insane) I made my own by drilling out the proper size bolt and brazing a small pipe nipple onto it-worked great and I didn’t empty my wallet.
  10. I have to agree with all of that-I haven’t began to fully track down the culprit in this car-have a lot of other things to do before I can get to enjoy working on her-and I do enjoy it-the guys at work can’t believe that I got the deville so cheap and repaired it without too much money and effort-after all, now an old paving mechanic is riding around in a Cadillac! I learned a lot about the quirks these engines have from this forum and what to check for-all the younger know it alls were saying n-stars are junk and not to buy one-I wanted to find out for myself and I wanted to see if I could fix one-well, I don’t believe that they are junk and I did repair one-now I am a little bit hooked on them and want to get to know them a little better-will be working on the eldo in the near future and I will let you know what I find-my grandkids gave the car the name papalac and I love it-they also had a license plate made up at the fair-gotta love em.
  11. I bought the 99 off of a couple who were going on the word of a caddy garage in SOMERS ,pa. where it was towed to after overheating on the turnpike -he trailered it back to Pittsburgh after hearing the repair estimate-it was actually their third car so they were not in a big hurry to repair it-the car has a dent on the front fender but other than that it is in nice shape -I personally have not checked the coolant for contamination yet-I have driven it around a little and it runs good-never overhead-but I drove my 99 deville to Erie twice-90 miles one way and it never overheated but kept loosing some coolant and until I watched a video on using the gas analyzer for the coolant on utube I had trouble convincing my self that the head gaskets were bad(I put a little power jack to the engine instead of just letting it idle then the liquid turned color quickly).i installed timesert and has been trouble free for about 3000 mi
  12. I see that this post is a little bit old but what the heck_the job will probably make you cuss but very doable-going to have to do it on my 02 eldo , I can see the residue around the gasket from looking down thru the mess-not experienced enough to know how to get that darn wire harness out of the way-
  13. Not a lot to my knowledge-the boy had it serviced regularly and he never mentioned it using oil-it did seep coolant on the crossover manifold gaskets-didn’t have time to repair then so he just kept an eye on it-ran like a scared rabbit when it was hitting on all 8!
  14. I guess i will just have to repair the 99 head gasket problem -the 02 eldo is not near as nice as the 99 -bought it for my son to drive to work which he did for quite a while -it’s been wrecked before and he hit a deer with it among other problems-great gas mileage and the alternator was the only major engine issue ,and also a coil cassette (I think that’s what they are called)was just thinking I could do a quick swap but ain’t gonna happen!oh well,my day wasn’t wasted seeing as how I learned something new-thanks for all the info and timely responses-Papalac
  15. I am an old school mechanic and I realize that on the newer types of engines especially the n-star things aren’t the same as they used to be-that being said,it is hard for me to understand that if I have both cars and the engines are physically the same and the cars are physically the same that you could change valve covers and coil pack arrangements and unless the intakes or the intake bolt pattern on the heads is different that you could swap the intakes and use accessories in the 99- again,I am looking at this through the eyes of a guy that used to remove a small block chevy and install a 454 and have it running the same day-oh the good old days
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