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Origins of the "Le Ritz"&"Biarritz" models?


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I was looking at another post and came across the "Seville Le Ritz". I have a 95 Eldorado Biarritz, and was wondering...are these factory additions? I've also seen a few 92 eldorado's with a quarter top and a emblem, however they are called something different....any ideas of there origin?



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I'm 99.9% sure they were not factory outfits. Alot of times the dealer will spice up the car (and the sticker price), and then market the package as if it were out of the factory.

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The biaritz and le ritz names were put on the top and sometimes body panels of the car by the dealer or a dist. for E&G Classics. E&G Classics is the leading producer for fabric tops, vinyl, and so on. No, it wasn't a factory add on, but it is made to look as such.


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