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  1. I was 16 when I got my first Cadillac, a 1996 Eldorado with a vinyl top. vouge rims/tires and tinted windows - I miss that car!
  2. I have had hit/miss luck with China (ebay) HID lights, I suggest you keep an extra pair on hand, I've never had a pair last more than a year, typically it only affects one side. As far a color temperature, I found that 6000k is the limt where it goes blue and isn't bright anymore.
  3. Have you checked your coolant level?
  4. I believe the torque management is for reducing the engine's power during shifts to reduce the stress on the transmission and to aid in softer shifts. I would, however be concerned about harsh shifting with the 4T80. I'd love to see the new 1/4 mile times.
  5. Have you checked the fluid? The belt should be rock hard, maybe the tensioner needs replacement?
  6. You might have a bad bearing or clutch surface on your compressor. I say this because you said it is quiet when the A/C compressor is engaged.
  7. Be sure that if your car is so affected, to get the GM kit with the bracket that holds the filter in place. This is not a hard job, just take pictures of where the check balls go in the valve body.
  8. sounds like the reasons not to get a transmission flush too Washing your car yourself lets you get to see your car up close, inspecting it too. I reccomend against the rain tunnel washed mainly b/c of the strong chemicals used, let alone the fact they scratch you car to heck, then they use oil soaked towels to dry your car. Use a minimal ammount of CAR WASH (not dish detergent) to wash your car, and stay away from peteroleoum based chemicals and waxes. As far as the car washes being enviormentally friendly, ever noticed the ground as you went to get your car?! It's SOAKED with tri
  9. Has anyone checked out eBay Motors? From the drop down menu on the home page, only GM brands are listed!
  10. This is just my opinion, but...I would still use the tire shine, but I would apply it CAREFULLY, with a small sponge of paper towel and keep it off of the Gold and White stripes. On the ones I have had, I found that it seemed to make the Gold stripe get dull over time and the white stripe got harder and harder to keep really WHITE. I don't think I would use a scuff pad for regular cleaning. Maybe every once ina while ... if they were REAL dirty. Otherwise I would use a pretty soft brush or small sponge. The white wall on some of them that I have had was pretty easily to damage. Tak
  11. Be very careful to use a SOFT brush, over time the bleach white and a stiff brush will cause cracking in the white wall portion, spray it on and like the other poster said, use a soft brush or sponge. Also, if you wash it regularly enough and dont use the tire shine products, you will need to use the bleach white less and less.
  12. Thanks for that info. I´ll talk to my service station and see what they can do about it /Preben Logan may be able to chime in on the specifics, but you would need to take it to a Delco raadio shop to have the VIN programmed,it would be easier to just get an aftermarket cd player installed.
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