Reliability, traction, timing chains SRX

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Hello out there! I'm looking at a few 2004-2008 SRX suv's, and have heard some good and some bad things about them. I am currently looking at a 2006, 2wd, 3.6 V-6. Seems pretty nice and the price is right, but has anyone out there any input on how good these engines are, and how good are the 2 wheel drives in snow? Or the 4 wheel drives? Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Bill

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I have an 04 with AWD but the 4.6 w/ 160,xxx miles.  It is great in the snow in Ohio although I live in FL.  I do have a Stabilitrak warning light on that I have yet to troubleshoot.  Hoping its just new sensors at the wheel(s).   If you plan on doing your own work, it is complicated and a Tech 2 with CANdi module would be cats meow but they are over 2k used !  Its also pretty tight around the engine and simple maintenance tasks that are easy on some cars are totally unneccessarily labor intensive.   Hope you pick a good one and stay away from one that is dripping fluids under the motor unless you can get it up on a lift and see an obvious simple leak like hose connection.  

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