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I would like to pull my cam covers and replace the gasket and the spark plug hole seals. This is going to be part of my attempt to minimize leaks and to clean up the engine. I was cautioned however that the cam cover near the firewall is difficult to remove without tilting the engine.

Anyone ever pull the rear cam cover?

How is the engine tilted forward remove the dog bones, floor jack?

Anyone use this engine tilter? http://www.etoolcart.com/browseproducts/En...r-LIS48260.HTML

I was told to watch out for the radiator when tilting the engine make sense?

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When I was replacing my blower motor, I tried that trick to get some extra clearance. Maybe (Probably) I was doing it wrong but I had no luck. I removed the dog bones and then tried a floor jack with a 2x4 across it to lift (tilt) the engine. No joy. I then tried a pry bar in the engine lift braket. Just bent the bracket. Maybe you have to loosen some mounts on the underside. I don't know. I just took the pry bar to the blower motor and persuaded it. If you figure it out, let me know for future reference.

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