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Any ideas for badges?


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Hey guys!

Well I was just talking to my fathers friends who is repainting and putting the new chrome strip on my Cadillac this spring, I suggested that I wanted to put a V8 badge on the front quarter panels.

He can create one and make it gold chrome or whatever I want.

Just wondering if you guys could give me some ideas of a V8 badge.

I'm not sure if there is a older GM badge that was common on some cars that looks nice.

I dont mind the Ford V8 badge with the V and 8 mingled together.

Pics would be great!

Thanks for any help, hope to make the Cadillac look that much better!

"Cadillac, it's not a car, it's an obsession"


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Hey there neighbour...

I had a 1976 Mustang II with a V8 in it.

This car had the "early" V8 intermingled badge... love it.

I would post a pic but I have no idea how to do so.

Good luck, should look great!

Mike P

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I would go with that "old style" Ford V8 badge only because my first car (1937 two door) wore that one. Gold plating would be a nice touch.


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Yeah I really do think the intangled V8 is really attractive.

I was thinking about gold plated, but my car is already black and chromed out, so I think gold would just not fit it right.

Does anyone have a pic of a 1976 Mustang II V8 badge they could post?

I need ideas soon because the Cadillac will be going in for its facelift soon.

Also does anybody know the prices on weatherstripping?

With the new paintjob on the way, the stripping is looking a little dull. I want to sharpen everything up.

"Cadillac, it's not a car, it's an obsession"


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Here is a 1976 Mustang II.

This was the best I could do, as the photo was in one of my mustang books, and I took it with a digital camera...the scanner bit the bullet.

Anyway, you can sort of make out the little badge on the fender...


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"Badges?, We do'nt need no stinking badges!" ---"The Treasure of the Sierra Madres" :) Humpfrey Bogart and John Huston I think.

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