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Another timeserting question


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hey guys, I was wondering, what are the first signs of the northstar to receive a timesert, or a head gasket for that matter? The back(between the engine and firewall) of my motor is smoking like crazy, i changed one of the hoses that goes to the heater core and im going to try replacing the second hose tomorrow, Im gettting really concerned it might need a head gasket or timesert. It also makes a weird noise when i first start it up, like the whole motor shakes and it makes a terrible noise, i thought the motor was gonna blow up for a min. If it does need a timesert or headgasket i will be parting it out, i have alot of new and like new parts. I bought the car as an investment and now im into it for $2000, Im gonna make my money back one way or another, its just ashame to let a car like this go to waste. If i sold it needing a headgasket how much less you think i could get for it? thanks in advance, Nick

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Check it out carefully. My understanding is that head gaskets on the Northstar rarely leak externaly. It may just be a cam cover gasket or a hose. Does the smoke smell like oil or coolant?

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Not enough information to go on to help with a diagnosis. As noted most Northstar head gaskets fail by leaking coolant to a cylinder, not externally.

The smoke (not steam?) that you mention is likely some oil finding its way onto the exhaust pipe.

1. Do you have a lot of steam coming out the tail pipe?

2. Is the steam sweet smelling?

4. Are you over heating (sustained 245 degrees or more)

3. Do you need to add coolant often?

If so you may have failing head gaskets, but there are other items to check first.

The rough shaking engine could be a multitude of things, most of them simple maintenance items.

. Spark plugs need to be replaced

Use AC Delco dual platinum plugs, the Northstar has a unique ignition that needs this type of spark plug to work properly. Get the correct part number from acdelco.com

. Spark plug wires need replacing, poor end connections or leaking wires

. Coil terminals are corroded, poor connection to the wires

. Mixed up spark plug wiring order

. Failing coil(s)

. Moisture in the spark plug tubes, causing a short in the tube

The list goes on....


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