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Hi everyone, new guy here. I have a 97 Eldorado that I have been battling a charging issue on. It started with the alternator going out. I replaced the alternator with a Napa reman, DIC still stated low battery voltage. I tested the output at the alternator and was 10.4. Thinking I got a bad alternator, I went back to Napa and got a new one (not reman). Installed it in the car. Same issue, DIC reads low battery voltage, tested output at alternator and got 11.4. I took it to a shop and had the battery tested, it is good. They tested the charging system and got the same reading as the DIC. The mechanic dug around a bit and found a bad connector on the wire going to the back of the alternator. They replaced the connector and still no change. They thought the bad connector may have damaged the alternator so they replaced the alternator again. Still no change, DIC reads low battery voltage and output at the alternator still at 11. They did some research and told me that the instrument cluster is what tells the alternator to charge.....HMMM?? OK. I took the car and ordered a used cluster ( the salvage yard said it may need programming ) and installed that. The DIC then read starting disabled, remove key, wait three minutes. I did this 4 times and nothing. I installed the original cluster back into the car and it starts and runs but still has low battery voltage. HELP!!!! 

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